Weekend Bits

Luke's Easter basket and egg cosy made at Kindergarten
Gorgeous Tulips from a friend
Out with Papa...such excitement!
This is how I have been spending a lot of my time...I really don't mind
In his Stokke....
Meeting auntie Lucie
Hi there!
Getting some knitting done!
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FO: Rainbow Baby Blanket

Max, our little bundle of joy, is a “rainbow baby”. A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

Since Luke’s arrival 4 years ago we’ve had to go through the loss of 4 pregnancies. I only tend to get emotional about these at certain times, and I am a strong believer in the fact that it’s nature at work.

So when we found out that Max was ‘sticking’ around I knew that I wanted to knit some “rainbow” related things, in particular this baby blanket.

MP 7 MP 8

I used this pattern, which was a fantastically easy pattern. I know it looks very complicated, but it’s actually really straightforward to knit. The effect though, is brilliant!

MP 5 MP 6

I decided to knit this up as a cotton blanket, using DROPS Muskat, as I had plans for a woollen one with different colours. I decided on these particular colours as they show the wonderful gradient of a rainbow.

MP 3 MP 4

I also made the blanket extra large, so I am not sure I can actually call it a baby blanket. I wanted to make sure that Max can use it for a fairly long time, especially as the blanket I made for Luke is now very small and he’s just rediscovered it for his use.

MP 2 MP 9 MP 1

I think Max looks very snug in it, don’t you?

MP 10 MP 11 MP 12 MP 13


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FO: Max Gustav

My very latest finished object.


Max Gustav, born on Mother’s Day (UK) at 9:03am in the birthing pool at home after only 4 1/2 hrs of labour, weighing in at 4.3kg.

An amazing experience, one that I would recommend to anyone looking at their birthing options!

We are in love, and Luke is a very proud big brother.


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FO: Cable Coat and Beret

Back in 2012 my friend Heidy ordered one cable coat for her little girl Sophia, doesn’t she look adorable in it? Well, Heidy liked it so much she ordered another one in navy blue with a matching beret.

HI 32

HI 33

This is a great DROPS pattern, which I knitted using DROPS Merino Extra Fine, which calls for size 4mm needles, so a nice, quick knit.

HI 35 HI 36

The cables next to the buttons give the little coat a little bit of extra detail. As do the cables that are knitted along the yoke.

HI 34A crochet picot edge on the bottom of the coat, the sleeves and the little collar make it look even more girly.

HI 37 HI 38It’s another favourite pattern of mine, mainly because it’s all knitted in one, just a bit of seaming to do under the arms and that’s it. The best about knitting DROPS patterns in my opinion, they often don’t call for a lot of seaming and sewing.

The beret also looks great. And is a very straightforward knit.

HI 29

HI 31

I love how the decreases make a very pretty crown.

HI 30

And Sophia looks just soo adorable in her little ensemble.

HI 40 HI 41

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FO: Etsy Order: Hat

Back to posting about my FOs, I need to get some more posts in before baby number two makes an appearance :-).

This is a hat I knitted for the lady that always orders through Etsy from me, and the pattern is, of course, a DROPS pattern.

Etsy EK 61

It’s a great, easy pattern that knits up really quickly. I used DROPS Baby Merino, using double strands and the colour is a nice light blue.

Etsy EK 62

The ties to close it are braided, which adds a really nice touch I think.

Etsy EK 63

The recipient liked it too and her son wore it well, although I don’t have a picture.

Etsy EK 64

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FO: Adult Top

My friend Amanda had a big birthday back in December, and as a gift I gave her a voucher for a knitted item. She picked this pattern and then decided on DROPS Big Delight, the Lava colourway. But after searching high and low for the yarn the only place I could order it from was from Germany, from the online shop: Lanade.

AD 1

My friend was very keen on this colour combo, and I’m glad I was able to found it, because I love how it ended up looking.

AD 2

I love the red, black and beige colours that came out in beautiful uneven stripes while knitting.

AD 3

I actually ordered way too much yarn in the end, blame it on baby brain. I didn’t realise that each skein came in 100g rather than the usual 50g.

AD 4

So, I’ve said to my friend I can knit something else for her, and she’s asked for a top for her 4-year old daughter, which is waiting on my queue.

AD 5I loved knitting this top, the yarn and pattern called for size 5mm needles, which meant that it actually knit up really quickly.

AD 6

The pattern on the yoke came up beautifully, and it was so nice and easy.

AD 7

Overall a lovely little pattern and my friend loves wearing it, and I love a happy customer!

AD 8

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FO: Birthday Jumper and Luke’s Party

We celebrated two birthdays last week. My 34th was on Tuesday and I had a lovely day with Luke and some friends going to a local farm, in glorious sunshine. Then it was Luke’s 4th birthday, I cannot believe this little munchkin is now four years old.

24.02.2011 11

LP 334

Luke had a birthday party organised through a friend of mine who runs a great children’s entertainment party, Punk Me Up Buttercup at her shop All Fired Up. Luke invited some of his Kindergarten friends and some other friends and they all had a fabulous time.

For his birthday, Luke got some toys and books from me and his Papa, but I also knitted him a birthday jumper. It’s this lovely DROPS pattern.

I love, love, love this pattern. It knits up really quickly, mainly because it uses DROPS Merino Extra Fine and I also went up a needle size after checking my gauge. Luke tends to need clothes that are size 2-3 years in width, but size 4-5 in length, so I knew I needed to make it a bit longer.

And I know I am biased, but I think Luke looks gorgeous in his birthday jumper, and he’s been wearing it loads since last week.

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FOs: Lots of Hat and Bootie Combos

Here are some hat and bootie combo’s I’ve knitted in the last few years.

Booties and Bonnet for a fellow Charlton Mummy, who had a gorgeous baby girl just under a month ago

Bonnet and Booties for a fellow Steiner Mum, made in May 2013

Beanie and Booties for old school friends, made in May 2013

Beanie and Booties for an old colleague, made in August 2013

Beanie and Booties for another mum from West Hampstead, made in August 2013

Bonnet and Booties for an old colleague, made in April 2013

Beanie and Bootie combo for a classmate from primary school, made in August 2013

Beanie and Booties for my neighbours granddaughter, made in May 2014

Bonnet and Booties for a good friends daughter, made in November 2013

MA 9 Cable Beanie and Booties made for my second nephew, made in May 2013

Booties and Hat for a friend, made in September 2010

Bonnet and Booties ordered by a friend, made in November 2014

Beanie and Booties for a friends little man, made in April 2014

Beanie and Booties for my old English teacher’s little man, made in August 2013

Bonnet and Booties for an old school friend, made in January 2015

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