FO: Etsy Order: Toddler Cardigan

Yet another order via Etsy from the same customer as the two jumpsuits. This time a cardigan for her son.

It’s a really straightforward pattern, but the way it’s knitted and the yarn that’s used (DROPS Delight), give the finished piece a great effect. The dark blue and the light blue make some beautiful stripes. The fact that it’s just knitted in garter stitch also makes it a very fast knit.

And the back looks beautiful too. It’s funny because I haven’t really used the DROPS Delight yarn since, although I have jumper lined up for a good friend of mine using DROPS BIG Delight, so we’ll see what that will look like when it’s finished.

Etsy EK 38 Etsy EK 44

I used some buttons from my stash that work really well with the blue yarn and finish off the cardigan beautifully.

And my customer sent me some pictures of her son wearing the cardigan, doesn’t he look very handsome?

Etsy EK 45 Etsy EK 46 Etsy EK 47

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FO: Intarsia Jumpsuit

The lady that ordered a few things from me via Etsy had previously ordered a jumpsuit from me back in 2012. She loved it so much on her son, see picture below, that she ordered another one in a larger size.

Etsy EK 19

When I first knitted this jumpsuit I was a bit unsure, as I’d never knitted any intarsia before, but I actually really enjoyed it and loved how it ended up looking.

Etsy EK 28

Of course, it’s a DROPS pattern. Regular readers of this blog will know that I love them!

Etsy EK 30 Etsy EK 31

The pattern does take a while to knit as it calls for DROPS Alpaca yarn and 2.5mm needles, so you can imagine how long one of these takes for a 3 year old!

Etsy EK 32 Etsy EK 29

I find when I’m knitting with such small needles that my knitting is not quite as neat as when I’m knitting with thicker yarn and bigger needles, but it still looks good nonetheless.

Etsy EK 33

It’s the same colour combination that I used before, although the blue seems just a little bit lighter. And would you look at how beautiful the intarsia looks with these two colours.

Etsy EK 34 Etsy EK 35

I haven’t got a picture of the handsome boy wearing it, but I am sure he looks as cute as he did in his first one.

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FO: Wavy Blanket (with a Baby)

This was the last project I finished in 2014. It’s for a fellow childminder and friend who had a gorgeous little boy, Leon, last Thursday.

RP 15I used DROPS Muskat to knit this pattern. And before I even started I had a question for the designer Laura Aylor and she responded within 2 or 3 minutes clarifying my question, what amazing service!

RP 16

I doubled the stitches as I wanted to make sure it was the right width, which actually turned it into a massive blanket. It means that the stripes are going vertical rather than horizontal, but I actually think it worked out really well.

RP 17

My friend wanted rainbow colours, so I picked these primary colour with the white wave going through.

RP 18

I added a crochet border using all the colours that I used in the blanket.

RP 19

I didn’t realise how big the blanket actually was until I took it off my needles…although I had wondered why it was taking me so long :-).

RP 20

I LOVE how this turned out, the colours go so really well together and the wave just makes it so pretty. It’s an easy pattern to learn, but the shortened rows mean that one of the stripes actually took a while due to having to go back and forth.

RP 21

And my friend loves it, she’s already had loads of compliments on the blanket.

RP 22 RP 23

And would you look at this gorgeous little boy wrapped in this amazing blanket!

RP 24

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FO: Etsy Order: Onesie

In March 2013 I got an order via Etsy from a lady that had ordered a few items from me before. She ordered this jumpsuit from me in 2012.

Etsy EK 21 Etsy EK 25

This is a fantastic pattern that I was able to adjust quite easily to fit a size 3-4 years. I used DROPS Baby Merino, which is a lovely yarn to knit with.

Etsy EK 23 Etsy EK 26

The length of this onesie is adjustable and because it is knitted in rib it looks way too long, but it’s super stretchy. The order specified that she wanted stripes and she also requested these colours, and I love the end effect.

Etsy EK 22

I believe it fit her son, and she said she loved it.

Etsy EK 24

Overall a lovely little onesie that I would love to knit again, but haven’t yet.

Etsy EK 27

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FO: Another Bolero

I knitted one final bolero for milliemanu last year. I posted about the other nine here.

CR 394

I know I wrote about my dislike for the pattern in my previous post, but I’ve actually gotten used to the pattern. This is probably because I have now knitted it 10 times and because I have amended it to make it flow better.

CR 395

In the original pattern for example the ribbing for the back and two front pieces is done individually on each of the pieces. Instead I sew it up and then do the ribbing. In my opinion it actually makes it look much better.

CR 396

Not sure what happened to the colour on this picture, but the blue is more like the two above.

CR 397

And I still do love the yarn that I use, the DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk. It’s a joy to knit with. I use double strands, so I have to pay attention to picking up both whilst knitting, but it just ends up being an amazingly soft and luxurious finished object.

CR 398

The ribbing on the sleeves and the bottom has the added picot-esque edging, which took me a while to figure out initially, but now I love it!

CR 399


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WIP Wednesday

I am currently working on these socks for the daughter of one of Luke’s previous playgroup teachers.


I am using this amazing Japanese yarn, which is lovely to work with and my friend gave me two skeins. I am hoping it will be enough.
On a separate not, Luke and I got the most amazing parcel from Melissa over at Knitting Sandwich today.
Some scrumptious yarn for me and a very cool personalised slingshot with ‘pom poms’ as Luke put it.


Thanks so much Melissa!!!!

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FO’s: Another 17 Vests

Back in July I posted about the 19 vests I knitted for milliemanu last year. Well this year I knitted another 17 vests for her, it’s the same pattern as last year, but she picked some other colour combinations, as you will see now.

Vest One

Vest Two

Vest Three

Vest Four

Vest Five

Vest Six

Vest Seven

Vest Eight

Vest Nine

Vest Ten

Vest Eleven

Vest Twelve

Vest Thirteen

Vest Fourteen

Vest Fifteen

Vest Sixteen

Vest Seventeen

And here are some shots of some of them together.

CR 311 CR 312 CR 313 CR 314 CR 355 CR 356 CR 387

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FO: Pom Pom Hat

For now this is the final piece I made for my friends eldest daughter (although she’s just ordered a pair of booties for gifting). My friend picked this DROPS pattern, which was lovely to knit. It’s a great pattern that knits up really quickly, probably because of the 8mm needles it calls for.

EBA 46

My friends daughter picked the colours and I was a little unsure at first, but once I was knitting it and saw the full effect I actually loved them.

EBA 47

Now the pom pom was something else, it actually took longer to make than the hat and used up almost the same amount of yarn.

EBA 48

Initially it was HUGE, so I cut and trimmed it loads, but it still looks really big. And it’s quite heavy, but it looks absolutely great!

EBA 49

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